BioCal D


  • Essential in the formation and maintenance of strong and healthy bones and teeth
  • Suitable for pregnant, breast feeding women and the elderly
  • Beneficial for people who are underweight and/ or have a small frame
  • Suitable for those with a family history of osteoporosis
  • Helpful for those with low dietary Calcium intake
  • Suitable for smokers and those who consume alcohol
  • Suitable for those who consume large amounts of coffee or carbonated drinks
  • Recommended for people who are confined indoor or with limited sunlight exposure (e.g., those using skincare products with SPF protection)

BioCal D 600

60 tablets

Eurobio® BioCal D 600 is a high strength Calcium supplement, added with Vitamin D for enhanced Calcium absorption and bone protection.

Calcium is the key building block of strong bones. However bone is a living tissue, constantly renewing and remodeling itself. Inadequate Calcium supply during the remodeling process will result in lighter, weaker or porous bone and increased risk of fracture. Therefore adequate and constant Calcium intake throughout the lifespan is important to maintain strong and healthy bones.

Vitamin D is important for the absorption and utilization of Calcium. Deficiency of Vitamin D results in reduced bone strength and density.

The use of Calcium and Vitamin D together has been proven effective in prevention against osteoporosis.

  • High strength, each tablet provides 600mg of Calcium, effective to prevent osteoporosis
  • Better absorption, contains Vitamin D, proven to enhance Calcium absorption
  • Tablets are coated and scored to facilitate breaking of the tablets for easier swallowing
  • No added preservatives, colors, flavors, salt or sugars

Recommended dosage
1-2 tablets daily with meals

Active Ingredients
Vitamin D3

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