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Our Commitment…
Quality ProductsAt Medipharm, quality is our upmost priority. We go to great lengths to ensure superior product quality right from the formulation stage, the choice and grade of active ingredients and excipients, evaluation on their efficacy, the source and manufacturer, the manufacturing facility of the finished formulation, performing stability study as well as ensuring an efficient and competent storage and distribution network.

Quality Products …
Our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure that our customers are assured of high-quality products. Quality products can only start from quality ingredients and, at Medipharm, we ensure that our ingredients originate from reputable sources notably from Europe and the USA. Every batch of materials, be it raw materials or packaging, is thoroughly checked and tested to ensure its compliance with the specifications. All products go through stability testing for the assurance that they remain stable throughout the entire product shelf-life. Herbal or natural products are thoroughly tested to ensure compliance on limits for microbial load and contaminants, such as heavy metals.


Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients…
Ingredients used in our products are of pharmaceutical grades, complying with the United States Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia or German Commission E Monographs. This means that the materials are properly controlled and are only acceptable for use if they are within the acceptable control limits set by these competent authorities. All physical, chemical, biological as well as microbiological aspects of the materials are scrutinized to confirm their quality. Furthermore, well-recognized analytical methods as specified in the monographs are used to test the materials, providing a high level of confidence to the purity, potency and safety standards. Sophisticated analytical equipments, such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) to analyze the potency of active components and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) to detect heavy metals, while tests such as Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) to confirm the characterization of ingredients, are used during the analytical testing. Analytical method validations are also carried out to provide a higher degree of confidence in our products.


Manufacturers complying with WHO cGMP…
Our products are manufactured in World Health Organization current Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO cGMP) or Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved manufacturing plants. With this WHO cGMP or Australian TGA standard, we can be assured that many quality principles required of a manufacturer are in place.

We can have the confidence that:

  • Raw materials and products are correctly tested;
  • Adequate in-process controls are performed during manufacturing;
  • Finished products are sufficiently tested before release to the market;
  • Trained and qualified personnel are handling the manufacturing;
  • Product testing are carried out in well-equipped laboratories;
  • A systematic quality system is in place that allows product traceability, documentation control, internal audits, and corrective and preventive systems.

All of our products are registered with the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), and many of which are also listed with the Australian TGA.

Quality Packaging…
As much as we place high emphasis on our raw materials and finished products, Medipharm also puts great focus on good quality packaging, so as to complete our promise of trusted quality products to all of our customers. Our packaging materials are from ISO accredited manufacturers. We believe a quality packaging plays an important role in assuring the product quality throughout its entire shelf life.

Quality Service…
We strive to provide a high standard of quality service to our customers and business partners. We forge strong ties with our distribution network, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals to provide effective support. Our products and excellent services have been proven by our track record of more than 10 years. Highly recognized reputation and customer confidence are attached to our name.