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About Medipharm

Medipharm Industries Sdn. Bhd., founded in 1996, has been bringing quality healthcare solutions to our community through its vision, confidence, enthusiasm and creativity. Today, Medipharm is an emerging and dynamic organization which has transformed to become an active player in the healthcare industry.

Medipharm started with the fundamental vision of advancing the overall quality of life of all people. Our core priority and dedication in improving and enhancing the overall health and well being of customers everywhere has not changed over the years.

In our continuous quest to uphold the highest standard in healthcare delivery and as part of our corporate social responsibility, Medipharm has launched the “MediScience Health Advisory Panel” and “MediCare”, which consist of a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals – pharmacist, clinical biochemist and nutritionists, to support our customers with the current health and research information, continuous education through public awareness and community service.

The people of Medipharm pursue the highest levels of integrity, quality, and professionalism in providing a range of consistently safe, reliable and effective health products centered on our core competencies of innovation in research and development, quality assurance, education and customer service.

Medipharm’s products are approved and registered with the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) under the purview of the Ministry of Health, and many of which are also listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). They undergo rigorous testing at all levels of production, in accordance with World Health Organization current Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO cGMP) regulated by the Ministry of Health. The active ingredients used in our products are of pharmaceutical grades and are selected from reputable sources, notably from Europe and the USA. Customers can be assured of the safety and effectiveness of Medipharm’s products because of the extensive testing and adherence to international standards.

Medipharm’s portfolio of brands of natural health formulas offers science-based nutritional supplements that are part of a complementary approach to personal health and well being. Its range of vitamins and minerals, skincare and condition-specific formulas, which include natural herbs, is carried by a wide customer base including pharmacies, clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

This emphasizes Medipharm’s continuing effort and commitment to promote a good corporate governance and also as a responsible healthcare provider. Medipharm’s many accreditations and approvals from various healthcare regulatory bodies affirm our commitment to deliver the finest quality products that meet international standards to customers everywhere.